Returning Home

After our grand mission was completed the return trip was all that remained. The same 2,500 miles, the same 5 fuels, the same anticipated 5 days. And we now honor the Fallen Five by bringing the flag back home to Chattanooga. Heading back we decided to take the northern route east, instead of the southern […]

Blazer of Glory


Day 5, 20th July Bakersfield, CA to San Francisco. CA 294 Miles

Awaking in a place with family is so wonderful and comforting. We had an excellent breakfast made with love so our day started out well, perhaps a little late. The next stop was the San Bernardino shooting site. It was less than 5 miles from where we were staying. Arriving there was somewhat eerie since […]


Day 1, July 16th – Chattanooga, TN to Memphis, TN

Day 1. July 16 Chattanooga, TN to Memphis, TN. The day arrived! My dreams of traveling across the United States in my 5 fueled truck was about to begin. After working on the truck night and day, literally, I set off on the trip of a lifetime. For me alternative fuels have a much deeper […]

5 Fuels, 5 Days, 2,500 Miles to Honor Chattanooga’s Fallen Five

The Blazer of Glory… By Joshua D, Kapellusch, Founder / CEO of Mach Fuels Why am I going on this adventure? The idea of building a multi-fueled vehicle occurred to me perhaps on the long drives to Spring Hill, TN while I completed an Automotive Accelerator Program by Launch, TN. I drove a Pontiac Trans […]

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Help us fill up for the journey!

Press Release: Mach Fuels, Blazer of Glory Trip

Press Release   The Blazer of Glory The World’s First 5 Fueled Vehicle 5 Fuels, 5 Days, 2,500 miles to honor Chattanooga’s Fallen Five. Natural Gas ~ Propane ~ E-85 ~ Gasoline ~ Solar   Leaving July 16th, 2016   …From Chattanooga, Tennessee to San Francisco, California in the Blazer of Glory!   “I had a dream to […]

Mach Fuels Company Update – Joshua D. Kapellusch, CEO

Joshua D. Kapellusch, Founder/CEO We all know the benefits of Natural Gas and Propane – they are cleaner, American, and… cheaper. As the company Founder and CEO there has been no one else as passionate about making these fuels accessible and affordable. The status of Mach Fuels has been affected by the downturn of the […]

Blazer of Glory


Mach Fuels: Blazer Sponsor Update

Check our all of our excellent Sponsors! View this email in your browser AAMCO of Chattanooga Teams up with the Blazer of Glory There’s not much we cannot do at Mach Fuels, but installing the Advance Adapters kit in our transmission was something we let the experts at AAMCO handle! They did a great job […]

The World’s First Four Fueled Vehicle: The Blazer of Glory!

Mach Fuels is building the world’s first four-fueled vehicle that will travel from Chattanooga, TN to San Francisco, CA without refueling. This 1972 Chevy Blazer is an iconic recreational vehicle that represents freedom, choice, practicality, and fun. The “Blazer of Glory” project is all about creating awareness for alternative fuels across our country. And will […]

The World's First Four Fueled Vehicle: The Blazer of Glory!

Alternative Fuels Gaining Acceptance in the Tri-State

Watch the Video Here! Reported by: Bill Mitchell Email: RINGGOLD, GA. (WDEF-TV)- Alternative fuels will get a lot more accessible in the future, for those looking to get away from the gasoline powered vehicle. Chattanooga’s Mach Fuels opened a Compressed Natural Gas station in Ringgold Thursday afternoon. It’s one of many now in operation […]

CNG for Vehicles - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga Area's first CNG station!

Chattanooga area gets first public natural gas fueling station

Read about the grand opening of the first natural gas station open to the public! Click here for the Times Free Press Article Chattanooga area gets first public natural gas fueling station Mike Pare Owen Maclellan says his grandfather tells him stories of having to bring an extra shirt to work so he could change […]

CNG Storage

Largest CNG Refueling Station North of Atlanta to Open

Construction is underway for one of the largest Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refueling stations north of Atlanta on Highway 75. The station is being built for Fuel-A-New, LLC in Ringgold, GA through a partnership with Chattanooga based company, Mach Fuels Inc. When used as a motor fuel Natural gas is a cheaper, cleaner, and all […]

Don’t Hesitate. Fuel Savings Start Today!

  Mach Fuels is a local company dedicated to converting vehicles to operate on cleaner, cheaper, and all American fuels such as compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid propane gas (LPG). Many people are unaware of the versatility of these fuels, but they have been used for nearly a century.  Here at Mach Fuels we […]



Alternative Fuels are the Future

Many Americans today feel as if switching their car to natural gas is unnecessary. Some people don’t realize the benefits that Alternative Fuels supply – save yourself or your company money, make your county and state better, clean, and lead a GO Green community lifestyle. Alternative Fuels are cheap, clean, and American.  Natural Gas (CNG) […]

Help your homeless veterans find a home

The mission at Mach Fuels is to make Chattanooga a better place, not only in the atmosphere but also in the community. Mach Fuels is teaming up with Chattanooga mayor, Andy Berke to help end veteran homelessness by 2016. In January of 2014, it was estimated that there are 150 homeless veterans in the Scenic […]

Homeless Veteran Can Drive


You are paying way too much for fuels that pollute up to 66% more than Natural Gas and Propane.

PAY $.75 to $2.50 in Chattanooga, TN by converting!

We perform the highest quality, fastest conversions on the market.  Our processes allow us to deliver safe installations every time and get the fastest payback on your investment!

These clean-burning “traditional home heating fuels and cooking fuels” provide enough power to drive your vehicle just as far as gasoline.  Even large work trucks and race cars can use ’em all day long without problems.

Q: Would you use gasoline to cook your food?  or Diesel Fuel?

A: NO, Never, Can’t Imagine the Taste…

This is how your engine feels consuming these dirty, imported fuels that cost more and pollute more!  Run you engine on powerful, clean, AMERICAN fuels by contacting Mach Fuels today.


Alternative Fuels

Q: What is Alternative Fuel? A: Fuel other than Gasoline or Diesel fuel – that is used in an internal combustion engine. Natural Gas (CNG) and Propane (LPG) are cheaper, cleaner, American alternatives to imported oil.  Prices in Chattanooga can range from $.75 to $2.50 /Gal. You can fill up at home or use a fast-fill […]


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How CMAQ Funding Can Aid Your Conversions

With $45 million in new funding for the state of Tennessee, the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) Program can help with funding for your alternative fuel energy project in 2016. CMAQ is a federal program that “dedicates federal funding to projects that improve air quality and reduce congestion,” according to a TDOT webinar […]